Friday, November 16, 2012

                Let me begin with a brief introduction of my-self not that it matters. My name is Jessica and I am taking a Japanese cultural course at my University. Soon I will be taking a Japanese literature course. Throughout the semester we have read various short stories that have interested me. A few author's and play writes have greatly stood out to me. One being Natsume Soseki. I do apologize for misspelling and lack of any proper logical thought. I have never written a blog before. 

      Grass On The Wayside By Natsume Soseki

               Grass On the Wayside is a very interesting story based on Natsume's Soseki's life. It is told by a
 narrator (third person). Soseki conveys himself through the character Kenzo. Reading the introduction for 
this book does explain some of Soseki's life. Around the age of two he was sent by his parents to be 
adopted by a couple who were incapable of having children. Shimada, the foster father, and Otsune, the 
foster mother. During his stay with them, Otsune constantly reminded Kenzo that they were his parents. She became so concerned with trying to convince him of it that even when he would call them mother and father she would remind him with copious effort that all of his belongings were bought by them, his mother and father. Otsune never knew that in turn she was damaging her relationship with young Kenzo. Eventually, more and more, he can to resent her. Toward the end of his stay with his foster parents Otsune and Shimada continuously fought; eventually resulting in divorce. He has vague memories of actually living with Otsune. Around the age of eight he was sent back to live with his real parents. After living with his foster parents for so long he continued to call his real mother and father, grandma and grandpa. Even being reunited at home with his family the introduction states that his real father was very cold towards him. However, one night a maid was watching over him as he slept. When he woke she told him that his grandmother and grandfather were actually his parents. Soseki said that he was happy. Not because that he new the truth but that the maid had been so kind to him. This moved me slightly. 
                  Throughout reading this book. I was filled with many emotions. The first 50 chapters or so made me feel extreme sadness for Kenzo. He portrays such loneliness through his writing even if it is written like a simple slow moving fiction. But, anyways, that is all I am writing for today. I will finish this tomorrow if time allows me.